Free Special Financing Calculator
When you are buying a car and the dealer offers you zero percent financing or $1000 cash back which one do you choose. With this Special Financing Calculator you can calculate the present worth cash in hand value of special financing offers.

Input the amount of the loan, the normal interest rate, the special lower interest rate, the length of the loan, and special financing calculator will figure out the lump sum value of that financing.

With this information you can now compare the special financing to the dealers cash back offer. You don't have to quess anymore.

This program also gives you a payment schedule for both your normal financing and your special financing. And if you don't need special financing then just use the program to calculate your monthly payments for any type of loan.

This program is packaged as a zip file and contains the following:
zero.exe ------ zero1.pbc ------ IntructZ.txt

An output file zerogain.txt is created to print the results.

Simply click to download the Special Financing Calculator
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