Free Lease vs Purchase Calculator
Should you buy a car or are those great lease deals the way to go. With Lease versus Purchase calculator you can compare one versus the other by calculating their Present Worth Value.

Input the savings interest rate, the loan interest rate, the length of the loan, the purchase price, the lease downpayment, monthly payment, and end of lease purchase price. Lease / Purchase calculator will figure out the present value of both forms of financing.

With this information you can now compare leasing to purchasing. You don't have to quess anymore.

This program also gives you a payment and present worth schedule for both. And if you don't need special financing then just use the program to calculate your monthly payments on your car loan. This same program can also be used for equipment leases.

This program is packaged as a zip file and contains the following:
lease.exe ------ lease1.pbc ------ IntructL.txt

An output file leasebuy.txt is created to print the results.

Simply click to download the Lease / Purchase Calculator
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