Designed to be Your Homepage

United States Cyber Gazette is SPECIFICALLY designed as a Homepage Web Portal with the look and feel of a newspaper. We have searched the web for you and we give you choices of the best links in each of the categories listed to the left. Each button to the left gets you a new set of links to the right. Get the most from your IPad or Android Tablet.

A Few Quick Clicks Away

With Cyber Gazette as your Home Page you are only a few clicks away from the information you want. Click on the homepage button; then click on the news link; click on your favorite news source. Come back with the homepage button; click on the weather tab; then choose your prefered weather source. You are only a few clicks away from YOUR internet with Cyber Gazette!

NOW BETTER! - With Local Links!

Cyber Gazette now has a Mainpage for each county in the United States. Click on your state at the left and choose your county by scrolling thru buttons in the headliner, then make that page your Homepage. At first glance each county page looks the same as any other county page. The difference is the zip code. The links on your county's page has the zip code for your county seat embedded into the links. When you click on a weather link or a map link, you will start out at the weather or map of your county. Want to find a local radio station or a movie? With the zip code embedded, you are only one click away from local information on the best sites.